A Real Estate Solutions Company

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Ferri Homes, LLC is a professional, full service real estate solutions firm that buys and sells properties throughout the Southern Indiana and Louisville Kentucky area. We specialize in buying distressed homes at a significant discount, and renovate and resell them to retail home buyers and landlords. 


Our Mission

When a passion for real estate is combined with talented individuals who have an uncompromising drive to succeed, amazing things will happen. At Ferri Homes, it’s our goal to not only have a positive effect on ourselves and our families - but also to inspire, motivate and create lasting change in everyone we encounter. We will treat our clients and team members with respect at all times. One of our motto’s  is “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Our company will dedicate itself to everlasting education and professional growth that will make the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Services

At Ferri Homes LLC, we pride ourselves on having a strong foundation of real estate knowledge and training. Our focus is on providing SOLUTIONS for homeowners and finding VALUE for our buyers and investors by locating ugly, vacant homes that are eye sores and we put them back into use after renovation.

Our Commitment

At Ferri Homes LLC, our team is highly motivated, knowledgeable, ethical and resourceful. Qualified to handle any real estate transaction, our dedicated staff is committed to helping people with their real estate needs and making successful deals happen. Our team of professionals has the integrity to follow up on our promises, and the expertise to navigate any transaction to ensure you’re fully informed for making the best decision possible. 

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Important Facts About Ferri Homes LLC

•Leading full service real estate solutions company in Southern Indiana, specialized in buying and selling property

•We provide solutions for homeowners and value for investors and buyers by locating and renovating distressed properties.

•Our goal is to provide the absolute highest level of service to our clients



If we haven’t already, it’s important that we sit down and discuss the potential ways we can work together. Once you give us a clear definition of what your goals are, we can present you with any opportunities that fit that criteria. 

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Core values: Ethics & Integrity – Do the right thing, Inspire – Motivate, help others achieve goals, Educate – Believe in, commit to personal growth & development, Lead – Take action & follow through, Crush It – Enjoy every moment, do it with passion.

— Than Merrill